10 November 2006

i wish i had a tail

so i could chase it in crazy circles on the bed at 0500. like mischa. like mason. i got lots of kitty time this morning, and then i fell back asleep. i didn't want to get out of bed, but after the deep tissue/kidney massage i got at 0806, i didn't have a lot of choice. it was get out of bed or wet the bed. so i got up.

it's raining. it's actually raining quite hard. i'm glad i didn't wash the car. i don't want to go out at all today, it's a perfect day to loaf. but i've been doing enough loafing and i have to go to job #2, i have some cooler or something to put on ebay for the godfather. and i have a computer to set up and a network to map. thank god they pay me well. :) in fact, it's payday. yeehaw! after all that, it's movie marathon day. rock the hell on.

okay. i have to go shower now. good day.

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