21 November 2006

sink the bad dog

i don't know what kind of dog this is. i don't even know if it's a real dog, i assume that it is. but i want it. i want to name it gregory. or steve. or pookie. :) acutally, i don't want a dog right now. but this dog cracks me up.

so i had a sobe with dinner tonight. i don't recommend sobe with any sort of quizno's sandwich. it goes down weird. but the saying inside the cap was "sink the bad dog." i don't know what it means, technically, but it does sort of relate to my life. sort of.

i stayed late tonight to cover for monique. or the texas ranger. after all the swapping and cs-ing, i'm not sure who i was really working for, but i know it means overtime and overtime is good. yay for me! yay for overtime! this week is also holiday pay, so i'm sort of psyched about that too. anything to help the rent get paid.

so once again, the nice but not date-able guy at worked asked me out. because i'm a sucker for a nice guy, i'm not sure how to turn him down. i tried avoiding the common places but that didn't work. now he's made a point to seek me out, to find me in the depths of baggage hell and try to extract information from me, information regarding when i work and when i don't and when we're going to go to the mongolian restaurant. i'm beginning to think that playing dumb isn't going to work anymore, i might actually have to say something harsh to get him to get the point. i hate being the bad guy.

lawyer retained. i'm supposed to go in next week to discuss our plan of action. hehehehe....

i'm sorry i didn't get an xbox. burger king has games with the king that you can buy for like 3$. i love the king. i love the commercial where the guy wakes up with the king. or the one where the king tries to ramp the bike but crashes. i know, i watch too much tv.

i'm excited about vegas. roberto is dragging me to some show, a comedian or a magician or something. amazing jonathan? i've never heard of him, but roberto says he's good. we'll see. i hear there's a swatch store in vegas, rock on. i'm working overtime. i can buy a swatch. :)

ora sto andando a letto. sono stanco. buona notte. muah!

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