11 November 2006

oh, woe is me.

me and my poor eyes. and my wrists. i've been playing final fantasy for a couple hours now. i can't stop. and my eyes and wrists kind of hurt. i'm going to have to build up some stamina so i can play for days at a time like a real gamer. i heart playstation. next i want a shooting game so i can come home from work and shoot people in video games and pretend they're the fuckfaces i see at work, the ones that complain about their lost luggage. "listen here fuckface. you're upset about your lost bag? now you're going to be upset about this, this giant hole in your face!" hehehehe... yessss...

but i do heart my new playstation. like i said, i'm playing final fantasy. and i'm looking for the rogue tomato. it will be mine. oh yes, it will be mine.

i have to go to work tomorrow. i don't want to go. i want to stay home. but i'm out of sick hours and days and vacation so i'll be going to work. for a while.

misty and i were going to go out tonight. but i didn't want to go. brent called and wanted me to do something, i don't know what. but i didn't want to go. i'm getting to be antisocial. i may never leave my house again.

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