08 November 2006

maybe you're a floozy

i went back to work today. i didn't feel well, i didn't feel good at all, but i didn't want to stay home another day. and i love to stay home, don't get me wrong, but i've had enough time at home lately. so i went back to work. and suffered. and made everyone else suffer too. :)

i talked to my best good work friend today. lately he's been wondering if i'm angry at him, he thinks i've been ignoring him. i haven't been ignoring him, i told him, i'm in an emotional hole. it's really got nothing to do with him, although lately he's been as hard to reach as i have. he spent a week in cvg for deltamatic training (or almost a week) and then when his bf is in town, he goes dormant, it's like they're in hibernation. you can't get them out for any length of time, i tried a couple of weeks ago and it was a no go. so i try not to bother him when bf is in town, which lately is kind of often. so that's that. no hard feelings, no feelings have changed. i'm in a rut and he's in a relationship. but he said that he wonders if he's made a good decision, working for deltamatic. i think he'd be bored if he weren't working, and i think he'd miss the industry if he were working any place else. and i'd miss him if he weren't around. i miss him anyway, with him wearing the wrong color and all... and using deltamatic. ewwww....

i'm watching nacho libre and it's retarded. not even in a good way. and i paid money for this. it does make me hungry for corn on the cob. i guess there are some funny parts.

roberto and i have another movie marathon lined up for friday. he came over last night to watch election results with me; i got the real story as to why markus voted republican. and i heard that momma wants to shower with the new christmas tree. (i could have done with out that.) but i promise next time we go to home depot, i'll let him push me around in the tony stewart cart. :) i'm dying to see borat. and the new will ferrell movie comes out friday too. yay us! he's quitting school so we can travel. i mean, that's not why he's quitting school, but it works to my favor because now i have a travel buddy. i don't know what he's going to do. he doesn't currently have any employment beyond the ice cream store, and that's CLOSING 18nov. i'm so not happy about this. i just discovered my new favorite ice cream flavor, reese's pieces and peanut butter cups. it's scrumdillyumptious. but only for 10 more days. so i'm going to have to stock up for the winter.

i didn't vote yesterday. i felt kind of bad, like i wasn't fulfilling my civic duty. but in all honesty, i was really confused about it. did i vote in knoxville or pella? and i can't find my voter registration card, do i need that? so i didn't go at all. plus i didn't know who to vote for. i console myself by thinking that one vote wouldn't have made any difference, and in all honesty it wouldn't have changed a thing. but i like to vote. it's like getting the mail. it makes me feel important.

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