01 March 2008

wanted: ear surgeon for 1/2 day gig - no pay

no more february. and between me and you, i'm ready for it. this year has sucked ass, so far, in a royal suck-ass kind of way. and i'm ready for that to be over and done with.

this is me, kicking february's ass. i say, get the fuck out. you're dead to me.

so last night, while i was unplugged and subjected to adult conversation, we watched "american gangster." imdb gave it 8.1 out of 10 stars and i'd pretty much have to agree. the janel bases her movie ratings on several factors, one being the hotness of the actors contained within, and with denzel washington and the hotel-concierge-phone-bashing russell crowe, you just can't go wrong. but it was a true story, which i did not realize, and it had an amazing soundtrack, even though i was wrongly led to believe that it would contain jay-z, so here's a big screw you, itunes. just a couple of fun facts for you: denzel washington is 53 years old (which i could not look up last night because i was unplugged) and watching movies at 1.5x speed is weird and sort of fun and not fun all at the same time. everyone seems all jacked up, which is kind of funny, but you can't understand a word they are saying, which is not fun. i'm just saying.

my ear feels better this morning, now that there are no intergalactic life forms growing in it. if i could keep my finger out of it, it would feel a whole lot better. i can hear out of both ears now and that's kind of nice. i don't think it's infected, but it's kind of hard for me to see, being all in my ear and stuff. i'd ask libbeth to take a peek but i'm afraid she'll come at me with a scalpel or an iron maiden or something equally frightening and i'll end up quartered in the bathroom and all over a zit in my ear. what a way to go.

i should take a shower. i think i've been wearing these socks for a few days. i'm around. i'll be back. hopefully i'll smell better. in the meantime, read this. it cracks me up. :)

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