12 March 2008

lucky for you, tomorrow is thong thursday!

blah, blah, blah...

i don't have anything to say. i sort of have a headache. i haven't updated my 365 in two days. it's turning into a 367. slacker! i need to find some boxes; where do you go to find boxes? i should look at my own apartment complex. people are always moving in there. i may just do that tomorrow. i have to go back to dsm tomorrow for another appointment. i didn't get to go to the doctor today, we were running late and they rescheduled me for friday. good thing i love to drive. remember the movie "empire records"? remember the adorable aj? he's on csi: miami. just a fun fact for cocktail parties. as if i needed another reason to watch.

i really don't have anything to say. i might go to bed now.

oh. ps. i'm writing this from the comfort of my pseudo-bedroom. oh hells yes. we've gone wireless in this hizzouse. :D

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