02 March 2008

tubby custard!

my horizons have been expanded since my arrival in the south. instead of marathons of csi: miami and seinfeld, i have been watching hours and hours of hannah montana and fineus and ferb and the wizards of waverly place. and i have watched so much of this, some of it even by choice, kid you not, that i am beginning to see rerums. no joke. i've always loved kid stuff - up until a few years ago i was infatuated with one of the powerpuff girls, i think her name was buttercup. i liked her because she was always pissy looking and i'm generally sort of pissy about something. (i inherited a general distaste for authority from my father; i come by it naturally, it's not my fault!) i ate frosted mini wheats for breakfast this morning (at 2 pm) out of a teletubbies bowl that was shouting tubby custard! at me. i kind of enjoyed it.

so as if one blog isn't enough, i'm considering this. i think it seems kind of interesting. besides, i want to know if i can remember that many people and their names and what i did or did not find remarkable about them. if you read some of the blogs that others have done, there are some really interesting things out there. people have put a lot of time and thought into this. others, well, not so much. i don't want to do it if i'm going to fall into the latter, of course, so i'm going to give it some thought. but it sounds like it could be fun.

all the kiddos are sick. i think even libbeth and ryan are coming down with something. i'm trying really hard not to catch it and that means taking lots of vitamins (but not 40 in one day) and hiding out when possible (because germs are far less communicable when they're not in your room). however, i think ryan is chomping at the bit to toss my lazy ass off the damn futon so he can get some work done, and understandably so. if he can't work, he can't make money. and if he can't make money, libbeth can't buy groceries. and if she can't buy groceries, then i can't eat. so for my own well being, at least for the next week, i really should remove myself from this room and let him get some work done. good lord almighty, i am such a slack ass.

there has to be something more productive i can be doing. toodles for now...

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