08 March 2008

back to the futon

it's a good thing i love airports. because i just went to the airport in charlotte this morning and hung out for awhile. no, seriously. i got to the airport, got all checked in, got to the gate, went and bought some chapstick and then it was like all hell broke loose at gate a3. there were people everywhere. angry people, upset people, crying babies, people with guitars (what's up with that?), people in suits, people with way too much luggage - all forming one giant ass line at gate a3. and gate a3 only had one teenie weenie little agent who looked like she was about 12 years old and about ready to cry.

and i felt sorry for her. because i've been there before.

as it turns out, they got like four snowflakes in atlanta. and they decided to deice some planes. and that just fucked every plane in and out of atl for several hours, if not the rest of the day. the flight before mine was supposed to leave at 9am and delta was aiming for a 1pm departure. mine was scheduled to leave at 10am; they were hoping it would get out today. i just laughed; what do you do? i've been on both sides of the desk - there's no use in getting upset. it's not anybody's fault. so when i finally got to talk to an agent, at about 11am, i was given these options:
  • a four legged trip on two different airlines, through washington dc and lga, where there is snow and ice and therefore no guarantee of getting home anytime soon. earliest arrival: tomorrow morning at 9am. oh hell no.
  • a standby seat tomorrow night, departing at like 9pm. um, pass.
  • or travel on monday, leaving at noon and getting into mci at 5 in the afternoon. okay. sign me up.

so i called libbeth and explained what was going on. she said she'd bring me a blanket and a pillow so i could sleep at baggage claim, which i thought was nice. so here i am, back to the futon. which is cool, since i didn't really want to go home anyway. nigel was way more upset about it than i was because we were going to get assy drunk. but there is always next weekend.

we are watching the north carolina superbowl: unc @ duke. i'm the lone blue devil in a house full of tar heels. the game is tivo-ed, we're watching it with a good 25 minute delay. however, i'm keeping an eye on the current score, thanks to espn.com, and i think it's going to be even more difficult to be a blue devil fan here in a few minutes.

and i was right. piss.

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