03 March 2008

put me in a bubble

i finally changed the time zone on my laptop so that it reflects that i am in fact in the eastern time zone. i've made this change while i'm in the final week of my vacation. i am nothing if not timely.

i didn't do a lot today. i slept pretty late. i've been sleeping late pretty much everyday but that happens when you're up until at least 3am every night of the week. even when i'm tired and have the opportunity to go to bed at a "normal" hour, i find myself awake until nearly dawn. and then i sleep until the day is half over. a routine is good but i don't think this is the routine my therapist had in mind.

i talked to my mom today, for a long time. which was good - i haven't really talked to her since i've been here and i've missed that. she's been under a lot of stress at work, which is something that i've purposely avoided talking about because it makes me sad - the changes going on at her job. but she seems to be handling it exceptionally well, given the circumstances. i don't want to sound condescending in saying this, but i'm proud of her. she's finally making decisions that are best for her and not everyone else in her life, which is what she needs to be doing. a career change has to be scary at this point in her life, but it will do her loads of good. and i'm happy for her. we talked about my trip and the changes i'm considering making in my life. we talked about my brothers and things going on at home. we talked about the beautiful weather here and the nightmarish weather at home. it was good just to talk to her; she calms me down, makes me feel better. i miss home but at the same time i'm not ready to go back.

now *all* the kiddos are seriously sick. fevers and a little bit of throw up and clammy hands and foreheads, the poor things. apparently the incubation period for this illness seems to be 72-96 hours, which means i should be good and sick by wednesday or thursday.

rock. on.

i may try to go to bed early, maybe try to build up my immune system before wednesday. yeah right.

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