09 March 2008

it's just a jump to the left

today is spring forward day. generally, i dislike spring forward day because i lose an hour of sleep. however, for the last three weeks, i've been living the life of someone already sprung forward because i'm a central time zone girl living in an eastern time zone world. (in my head, i can sing that to the tune of that god awful barbie girl song; do you remember that? if not, here you go. i'll apologize in advance.)

it's actually kind of cool; when i go back to iowa i'll actually feel like i've gained an hour. and then when i come back here in a few weeks, i will lose it again. i'm creating my own little time warp.

so the last week or so, i've been using proactiv. now i don't have a really bad acne problem, in fact, it's about the opposite. my skin is actually not that bad. i think all the hormones i've had lately have been contributing to the few pimples that i do have. but the rest of my skin is so clear, and i am so physically unable to leave the pimples that i do get alone (i'm a picker, i admit it), that they look awful. so libbeth had some proactiv and said it might work, so i thought i'd give it a try. especially since it works so well for all those people on tv, jessica simpson included.

so i've been washing, toning and lotioning every morning and every night. and that shit works, man. it works like a charm. i'm living in zit free zone. what they don't tell you - what jessica simpson doesn't tell you - is that it makes you feel like leatherface. wtf is up with that? i guess i should expect some leatherface action when i'm spreading pure prescription grade benzoyl peroxide on my face twice a day. and at this point, it's not noticeable to the innocent bystander. so i'm going to lay off the "repairing" lotion and see if that helps with my urges to wield a chainsaw in rural texas.

i read the proactive website top to bottom and leatherface was not mentioned anywhere. i'm hoping this is a temporary side effect because i'd like to be featured in an upcoming infomercial on a&e.

today is race day. my picks are way off the wall. i have a feeling my first place status is in jeopardy. it's too bad it's not still snowing in atlanta; it would be more interesting to watch my drivers if they lost while navigating the 1.54 oval while sporting tire chains on a track that was semi iced over. i'd call that a race. others would call it driving i-235 on a monday morning through the raging metropolis that is des moines.

but for now i think i may go look for something to eat. it's sunday and i'm hungry. somehow my body can discern weekdays from weekends. because i'm not hungry at all during the week. but on the weekends, all i want to do is snack. what's up with that?

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