03 March 2008

do or do not. there is no try.

forget the bubble, i think i'm getting sick. my throat hurts and my nose is stuffed up. unless every tree in gaston and mecklenburg counties have simultaneously started to bloom and pollenate, i am getting sick.


i'm not a good patient. in fact, i'm a terrible patient. i'm whiny and crabby and just all around ooky. it's unfortunate that i'm away from home and getting sick; i don't generally like to subject people that aren't related to me to the carryings on of the sick janel.

its monday. if i had a job, i would complain about it. but i don't have a job, so i can't. instead, i woke up today at the crack of noon-thirty-four and now i'm watching cartoons and thinking about taking a shower. i heart vacation. i wish i could stay on vacation. but part of me is kind of tired of being a slack-ass, so getting a job will be a good thing. when and if it happens.

see? that's me, being dramatic again. because i know that eventually, i will find a job that i like and that will pay what i need. but because i'm sick and when i'm sick the world falls apart, i feel like being all melodramatic and standing up and delivering a soliloquy here in the living room, except my audience would be more interested in "maggie and the ferocious beast" (which is the dumbest cartoon ever made) than they would ever be interested in the self-centered ramblings of a houseguest who is semi-feverish and needs a shower and a clean pair of socks.

but i digress. so i'm going to go share my germs with the others and eat craisins (if i haven't eaten them already) and drink milk (if i haven't drank it all already) and watch more cartoons. perhaps later we can go get some advil cold and sinus, because i'm sure that would make me feel a little bit better and take the edge of my melodramatics. i'm sure that would be appreciated by all.

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