04 March 2008

sha the non-believers!

i did my best. i tried so hard. i tried so hard to make libbeth and ryan love charlie and they just didn't do it. in fact, i believe they are afraid of me because i love charlie. what? you say you don't know charlie? oh my... it is time for an introduction!

i'll admit, my sense of humor is a bit demented, but i know at least two other people that actually find that funny. seriously. and they're breathing.

i didn't eat much today. i wasn't hungry when i woke up and i always brush my teeth first thing and then i really don't want to eat; my teeth just feel too good. by the time i actually got hungry it was about 4pm and libbeth was making brownies. brownies that contained sweetened condensed milk. and i love sweetened condensed milk. it just so happened that her recipe only called for about half a can of that sweet, sugary goodness, leaving about half a can for me to enjoy. so i did. and then i paid for it later. so let me offer this advice to you: even if you have the opportunity, just don't do it. restrain. don't eat half a can of sweetened condensed milk. ever. it's just not worth the pain later. :-(

in spite of eating really healthy food like sweetened condensed milk, i have managed to lose about 8 pounds. don't ask me how i've done this. i'll probably find them before i go home.

okay. so on my 101/1001, i listed that i wanted to delete my myspace page. and sometime back in december, i actually did that. i think i told everyone that i was tired of the drama associated with myspace but in all actuality i was tired of the look the bee would give me whenever i got online. i think he was afraid that i was trolling the internet for better looking or smarter or nicer or [insert some adjective that doesn't describe the bee here] - and who knows, perhaps that was my unconscious reason. anyway. i deleted it. and then earlier this week, i signed back on after i realized that if i was going to have any friends in iowa, i was going to have to have a myspace. because it doesn't seem to matter what age you are, it is the basis for any sort of social life. (sad, isn't it?)

anyway, that being said, the point of that whole paragraph is that i now, once again, have a myspace. (i never crossed it off my 101/1001, so i don't have to worry about that.) and i swear, i am not being dramatic about it - i'm not causing any trouble, i'm not stirring any shit. however, there are people i know, people i'm friendly with, that are stirring shit with me. wtf is that all about? this particular person is nice enough to me to my face, although i know she's talked smack when i turn around. she does this to everyone. she's not well known for strong loyalty or strong morals (or strong knees, if you know what i mean, dude). so i'm not letting this get to me on a real serious level - i'm keeping her and her mouth at a distance, you know? it just never fails to amaze me the ignorance of the small town persona. if you live in a small town, you just can't escape it, you know? i know better than to let it get under my skin, but every now and then it just surprises me.

i don't think i ever mentioned this on here. in fact, i don't think i ever mentioned this guy to anyone other than nigel and maybe libbeth. but the same night that i hung out with the new guy, last night's drunk dialer, i also met a really nice guy - like seriously, a nice guy - that's originally from the area but has since moved away. we talked and drank and had a good time and we've talked off and on ever since that night. i didn't think he was going to be back until some time in april or even may. instead i find out that he'll be back in a couple of weeks - about the time that nigel and i will be belting out pat benatar in a drunken and slovenly manner. (i believe the phrase of the day is "skanky drunk", yes?) anyway, i'm excited to see him. i hope he's as nice as i remember because i was about 8 tequila sunrises into my evening when we met - my judgement may have been moderately "impaired." i guess i'll find out in a couple of weeks.

it poured like a motherfucker all day long today. it lightning-ed and thundered and it was warm and muggy and i'm not complaining at all, i love days like this. it's hard to get out of bed though. especially when i was up until nearly 5am. i was nearly asleep when the phone started ringing and i couldn't sleep for awhile after that. i'm still not sure what to think of all that, but i will say this: i only drunk dial the people i don't have the balls to dial when i'm sober. and i've polled a few people on this and that seems to be the standard among us that do actually drunk dial. hmm...

libbeth's dog just ran by me and farted. gross.

tomorrow we're going to asheville. it's in the mountains. i'm excited to see it, i've read that its beautiful. every time i've been here before, we've gone to the beach or done other random stuff like white water rafting or whatever. we've always talked about heading west and into the mountains but for whatever reason, we've never gotten around to it. i'm a little worried that in her present condition (33.5 weeks along with a ferocious little baby trying to scratch her way out) that libbeth won't be up to it. i'm trying really hard not to stress her out. which is why staying home and hanging out with the kids doesn't bother me. really. because just being somewhere, other than home, is good for me right now. and she and her family make me feel good.

i've started my 28*365 (the link is in my list, over there somewhere). it's actually a lot of fun. i've got a list of people that have somehow had some sort of impact on my life and i write a paragraph (or more, i guess, i don't know) about one of them every day for the next year (365). the 28 is the year of my life in which i choose to do this. i've got a pretty good list already, and with every conversation i have i think of someone else. it's interesting. i did the one for this morning and then i wanted to do more. so i did the rest of them for this week, even though technically i don't think that's how it's done.

i'm addicted to wendy's chicken nuggets. yum.

okay. i'm done for now. but i leave you with this little gem. because one can never have too much of the best of craigslist. :D

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