10 March 2008

leaving on a jet plane, part deux

tomorrow i'm headed to the aeropuerto. again. where i'm headed towards atlanta. again. forecast calls for sunny and 63 degrees, so no snow to screw up my connection. it's even going to be nicer at home, with partly sunny and 40 degrees. it's a veritable heat wave. break out the shorts and slippas - the janel is back in town!

i never really unpacked so i don't really have to repack. i do have to have my phone charger because nigel and i had a text fest this afternoon. snackmaster bob's birthday is coming up and we're trying to plan bobfest '08. he wants a dj, naked bb gun fights and stripper poles. i'm down with that. last year, we didn't have bobfest until october and it was basically a garage party that nigel and i spent in the house playing barbie with the kids because we didn't know anybody outside. i don't know how that worked out.

i can tell that libbeth and ryan are ready for me to leave. they've tried to infect me with the flu and human parvovirus b19 and i just won't go away. you know, you don't have to give me communicable diseases. you could just politely ask me to get my slacker ass and my shit out of your office so you could get some work done. (hint, hint.) but if i get a "slapped around bitch" rash, i am calling your daughter's guidance counselor and giving her a what for. when i come back in a few weeks, i'll bring me a damn tent and sleep in the back yard. deal? :D

do you think green beer makes your pee green?

st. patrick's day is coming up! i've never had green beer! does it taste any different than regular beer? will it make my teeth green? how's about my tongue? (doesn't the word tongue look like it should be pronounced ton-goo?) st. paddy's day celebrations will be taking place the same evening as our pat-benatar-sing-a-long, so that ought to be fun. i 'll just have to find something green to wear.

i ate too much candy today. too many dove dark chocolate eggs, too many doritos, too much mtn. dew. top that with some olive garden ziti and i am one sick chick. hallelujah, holy shit. where's the tylenol?

okay. i should be thinking about bed. at least i don't have to go to bed so early this time around. i overslept last time and woke up in a panic! but not at the disco. bollocks.

peace out, ninjas. i'm done for now.

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