14 January 2008

no more sleepy sleepy!

no middle-of-the-night text messages last night; i was finally able to get some sleep. but my dreams were just as bad, if not worse, than the text messages lately - i can't win! all i want is some uninterrupted, (bad) dream-free sleep!

i dreamt that the bee had already found someone new and that he brought her to our apartment. for what i don't know. i know their plans included watching tv and making some weird-ass casserole that included rice and stir-fry beef. wtf? but she was just as condescending and negative as he can be; they seemed perfect for each other, only exception being I WAS STILL THERE. and of course, as any janel bad dream, it included spiders and grasshoppers and all sorts of gross creepy-crawlies. the whole thing just gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.

so in all my emotional haze, i've forgotten to mention one very important happening in my life in the last week. ANDY FALES CAME BACK FROM KC! woohoo! take that eddy! my all-time favorite sportscaster in the whole wide world - i knew he'd be back, i just knew it. and now i can't wait to watch the news, i gotta have my andy fales. yay! i was hoping he'd drag back gary amble, my all-time favorite meteorologist from kansas city too - he defected to kc years and years ago. but to no avail. but that's okay. i've survived with ed wilson this long, life will go on, i'm sure... :)

in the last week or so, i've noticed that my clothes aren't starting to fit. WTF? i'm not 26 weeks along, i'm not third-trimester, i'm only eight weeks into this! I'M ONLY ONE-FIFTH THROUGH THIS AND ALREADY MY CLOTHES DON'T FIT! OMG! i'm going to be as big as a house, i can see it now. i'm going to have to trade in my car for a semi with a driver. we're going to have to move to a place with 15-foot ceilings, just to accomodate my stomach. and i'm going to have to resort to wearing muu-muus and tarps because my belly is already not fitting into my own shirts! OMF(reaking, mom, freaking)G! so my brother, who is like half a foot taller than i am, brought me t-shirts yesterday. which is incredibly sweet and nice and they're all seven feet in length and they go to my knees, but i'm not complaining. it's just nice not to look like yard dog anymore.

oh, i talked to libbeth yesterday. i miss her and her family. have i mentioned that she is also pregnant? she's due april 19, so she's what 24? 26 weeks along? i can't remember what she said and i can't wrap my head around the math this morning. she's doing pretty well, but this is her fourth baby and she says it definitely feels like the fourth baby. i can't even imagine. i don't know how she does it, but she's got a great husband (even if he won't help her take down the christmas tree until 26jan...) and they seem to have a rhythm to the whole family dynamic. she can sympathize with my night sickness and my (temporary?) craziness. it's just good to hear from her, the things she says just make sense. it's kind of like talking to my mom, except with a southern accent, lol...

have i told you that i don't have morning sickness? woohoo! nope, instead i get crazy awful terrible nausea at night and i can't throw up. i keep thinkin that if i did throw up, i'd get some sort of relief but then i think about it and throwing up is all around pretty sucky too. so i keep some ginger ale in the fridge and some oyster crackers in the bedroom, or some pre-wrapped saltines from the whippy dip next to the bed, depending on where i am. and i take the pre-natal vitamin with really, really, really cold water and i hope for the best.

ahhh, daylight. the sun rises, the day begins and so do the text messages. this boy is so predictable - is that a good thing or a bad thing? and do we work it out or do we call it quits? do i take him to the doctor with me tomorrow or do i go alone? why isn't my crystal ball working?

i don't know. but i have to go eat some breakfast (or some something) and take a shower and get ready for the day. i'll keep you posted...

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