17 January 2008

peas in debt or idiots in a pod, you pick.

oh, another night out on the town. whoop-de-freaking-doo... the bee gets his paycheck on thursday and its the night of the week that he's the nicest because he wants to go out and spend money. he likes to buy dinner and crap that we don't need; i had to stop him from buying a 40$ baseball cap by asking for money for the cell phone bill or the electric bill.

we are two fiscal idiots in a pod, or something like that.

but on monday his whole outlook changes. he's scraping the barrel again and anything having to do with money is a dire situation. i'm not one to offer advice, especially about money, because i am financially retarded (and i have sources to verify that statement), but even i can recognize that he's a money idiot. in this day and age, who the hell cashes their entire paycheck? who walks around with that much cash? it's dumb. it's unsafe and it's dumb.

but anyway. i've been told my mood is for shit this evening, so i'm hiding out (again) in the bedroom, with my tums and my water and my oyster crackers. so exciting is my life...

i joined the library here in town. i love libraries. i love the smell of books and paper and all of it. i'm kind of strange that way. i like office supply stores for the way they smell. i love new calendars but i dread writing my name or my first event in them out of the fear that i'll misspell something and it will forever (or at least for that year) be marred. but i joined the library and got some books and all i want to do is read. so that's what i'm going to go do.

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