07 October 2006

aloha mr. hand

last night was a bust, as far as designated drinking was concerned. nigel's freaky ass little brother wouldn't stop following us around, wouldn't take no for an an answer. i ended up leaving around midnight and ended up out at blue eyes' house. i thought that maybe if i saw him sober he wouldn't be as appealing as he is when i'm inebriated. unfortunately, that didn't change. he's still adorable. he wanted me to stay, but that's not kosher. i'm not okay with that at this point. in fact i haven't even called him today like i said i would, like he asked me to. i don't know why. maybe i will tomorrow. idk. it was 330 in the morning and he called to see if i was almost home and to tell me he enjoyed my company. i like the fact that he's considerate that way. it's a nice change. i was supposed to go out again with nigel and bob, but i'm tired and crabby and not in the mood for people. so me and the kittnen are watching fast times at ridgemont high and flipping back and forth between the mets/dodgers and the late model race on speed. boy looks cute. he did a good job. the mets are ahead, currently, which is good. i hate the a's, i hate the dodgers, and i hate, hate, HATE the tigers. i can't believe the yankees got ousted this year...again. i've been reading that steinbrenner may let joe torre go, which i think is asinine, but once again, i'm not often consulted when it comes to decisions like this. if that's the case, i know of a team that's looking for a high profile manager with experience. i'll have to make some calls. hehehehe... so today i slept late, for me, which was nice. i downloaded the office last night, so i watched that and laid in bed until i absolutely had to get up. had lunch with dad and carolyn, jordy and steph. love, love, love, being the fifth wheel. it was great. superb. grand. i followed them to costco and petco, where i ended up with free laundry detergent and cat food, so the whole trip wasn't a bust. then i get home and i've got an odd request from boy, who apparently thinks i'm enough of a loser to stay home on a saturday night, and oddly he's right, except that i'm vcr-retrarded and not able to fulfull his needs. ha. i did make a serious attempt, however, and this should be noted, even if it's not enough to be one-up on the fellow. i even called robert for setup assistance. he was doing homework (OMG) and was not of any help at that time. oh well. i hope boy got my msg and doesn't go rummaging through uugof in the middle of the night because there's nothing there to find. it does make one wonder what would make him call me. hmm... perhaps he's more than 90 percent over our little tiff? idk. but i was willing to record over one of my all-time favorite spongebob marathon video tapes for his race. i hope he understands what a sacrifice i was willing to make in order to help out. friday was an awful day at work and i'm in no mood to return, but i've signed up for 15-hour days tomorrow and monday. there's that "i'm not able to say no, i suck" thing rearing its ugly head again. i wish i could learn to stop that. i'm not even on a relief shift, i'm only supposed to be getting 20 hours a week, i can't survive on that but working 30 hours out of 48 is a little absurd. speaking of work, i don't really know what's up with my best good friend except that he's still not allowed back to work. i don't know if he even knows what's going on, really, except that now he doesn't have to pay for his attorney and anytime you can get out of that expense, that's a good thing. i desparately want to hang up pictures in this place, it's depressing the hell out of me that it looks like a freaking sanitarium - white on white on white on white. boo. i need some color. i need some life in this place. i need to shut the window because my feet are cold. i also need to take out the trash and fold my laundry, because it's surely not going to happen until tuesday. tuesday is food show day at the ice cream store, they're trying out all the new ideas for their pella corp. thing. i heart free food, 'specially when my momma makes it. yum. and i did get the last of the chocolate ice cream - excuse me, double dutch chocolate ice cream - of the season. it's sitting in my freezer. perhaps i need some ice cream. there's no funk ice cream can't solve. :D mets are still winning. woot! so i got a phone call from eddy a few days ago. i hear things are going swell for eddy so far in kc - swell to the tune of a 10k plus sale on day one. and that's great. but don't call and tell me to put things in motion when you're the one to move away and make paperwork difficult. so there. that's all i have to say about that. bottom of the ninth, mets are going to take this one. sweet balls. i just can't believe the yankees are out again. this is depressing. notice i don't even mention my cubbies, they just suck beyond belief. grrr. blue eyes is a hawkeye fan, i mean huge hawkeye fan. his living room was fever pitch-esque, only black and gold as opposed to red and white. i don't think he's much of a baseball fan though. sad. i watched the iowa game today while dad and carolyn and jorge discussed what he needs for his birthday. i told dad that he really wants his sister to have a sofa but it didn't work. i really don't want to go to work tomorrow. but i guess i need to pay rent. i'd like to have two whole days off this week. i'm going to try to actually take my days off, i'll have 40 hours plus by tuesday. then i can have birthday dinner on wednesday and some good sleep. mets won. yay. i finished lolita tonight. what a book. what a fabulous description of a warped relationship. the story itself was a little predictable until the halfway point, but the verbal imagery was incredible. what a book. okay. sleep. have to back to work sometime and that requires sleep. all my chores are done. hopefully i can sleep. i've not been sleeping well. the cat is all over me at night, he's sad, i can tell. speaking of critters, mom says that my dog is doing well at gram's house. that's good. he needs constant attention and i'm just not able to give it. i miss him. okay. done. gnite.... i hope.

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