17 October 2006

if i had a monkey i would name him boris.

but i don't have a monkey. i have a cat. and his name is not boris, but sometimes i think if i said it in the right tone of voice he'd still come a-runnin'. here, boris, boris, boris...

it's been a quiet few days. i didn't do a single thing all weekend, which was kind of nice. i'm harboring a small addiction to peanut butter malts, which are dangerous in just about any quantity.

oh! i got a sofa! and a chair! yay me! yay for my mom, she was feeling pretty sorry for me. it's nice and comfy; i've already slept on it twice. it's brown and the chair is blue, and you might be thinking to yourself that i must have lost my mind and in most cases i'd agree with you but this looks nice. the pillows completely pull it together. ask lou. or roberto. roberto and i moved it inside my apartment - third floor and all - which was harder than i thought it was going to be. i thought i was going to suffocate and die in the process but i persevered. and now i have a sofa and a place to watch the office on thursday nights. or friday mornings. and a place to watch foozball on sunday night. and sportscenter everynight. that makes me happy. but whatever.

so i had to go to the doctor on friday and i wasn't thrilled with the outcome. i didn't know doctors prescribed religion, but i keep hearing that finding a religion will do me well. i don't know how i feel about that. i think i only want to go to church if i can sit alone and not have to participate or talk. and if that's the case, i can do that at home. in my pj's. but i don't know. i'm seriously considering it but there's little i won't consider right now. in addition to a prescription for church she also gave me something to help me sleep. because i'm not sleeping. except this makes me sleep really, really deeply, like even more deep than a nyquil induced coma and i feel all groggy and weird when i wake up. i think i'll just stick to nyquil. or benadryl.

my best good work friend got fired. the only allegation was regarding a small amount of "missing" funds from the redheaded stepchild of an airline we inherited against our will. if that's the case, we all need to be fired for "misappropriating" money. the real slap in the face is two fold for him, here. first off, no one seems to be interested in this ongoing drama anymore; few people have asked me what happened and how he's doing. i don't know if they're avoiding me and this subject in particular or if they're avoiding the subject all together. the second kick in the teeth comes in the form of my upgrade, if you will, from parttime to fulltime. i've been given his schedule, days off and all. no longer will i work the measly 1500-1900 shift i bid just a few weeks ago. nope. i've moved up in the world to a 1030-1900 shift, which will have several higher-seniority folks up in arms, as that shift was supposedly spoken for if my friend did not return. ahh well. sucks to be them. :D

roberto and i are venturing to the big city of chicago this week. thursday we're going to ord to visit the field museum because he needs a cultural trip for a paper for school. which is funny because he's planning on flunking out - flunking out as opposed to dropping out so that he doesn't have to begin repayment on his student loans immediately. smart boy. i'm sure that the trip will also include a trip to a shoe store. i love chicago. ooh. i can get a watch. yay me!

i burned my tongue on hot chocolate tonight and my mouth feels all weird, prolly because i don't have any tastebuds left.

i'm doing laundry at 0100. my neighbors must love me.

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