12 October 2006

i've fallen hard

i quit. those things that are beyond me - they're just that. there's nothing i can do to control other people, to change what they do or say. what i can change is how i let it affect me. and i'm done. you can be my friend or you can bat for the other team. i'm going to be okay either way. i have people that care about me and will help me. it's that "forest for the trees" thing. sometimes i can't see what's right in front of me. sometimes you just have to wave your hands and yell to get my attention.

i'm feeling pretty low right now. granted, some of this is self induced, self inflicted, no one's fault but mine. those are the issues i can fix. everything else is out of my control. i'm tired of the drama. i know who's toxic to my wellbeing - i know who's good for me and who's not. now i just need to convince my heart that what's happening is happening for a good reason.

i'm going to be okay. time will help. time and ice cream. :D

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