02 October 2006

doing nothing feels good.

even though i know i have a crapload of things to be doing, i'm lying here, listening to the marching band practice, doing absolutely nothing and enjoying every second of it. you may ask, marching band? wtf are you talking about, marching band? ahhh, well, living where i now live, i'm privvy to all the marching band music i desire. and color guard practice. and foozball. it's an interesting change from the constant fireworks my old neighbors used to set off at all hours of the day fireworks in the daytime? yes. fireworks all the damn time, really. they were fucking idiots. and i'm not talking sparklers. these were wailing, screaming big ass fireworks. they especially seemed to love fireworks in the winter, i don't know why. but i'm off topic. right now, 0903, i'm listening to the drum line and i'm having serious band nerd flashbacks. where on earth was i going with this? i don't know. i do have a lot of things to be doing, but i know i have tomorrow off and i'm procrastinating. i'm soooo good at this.

libbeth had her baby. a beautiful baby girl, chloe. she's amazing. she's pretty stinking cute, too.

things that are currently on my mind...

1) my best good friend has been in contact with me, even though we're not supposed to be speaking, according to the higher-ups. this is the first that i've admitted that i've talked to him, i've been playing dumb (there's a joke here, i can feel it) at work and keeping quiet. he's well, he's lawyered up and rightfully so. i don't know if he'll come back to work - i don't know if i'd want to if i were the controversial one. i still worry about him. i hope he makes good choices.

b) i have this growth on my chin. i'm going to name it helga. hi, i'm superjanel and this is my pal, helga. helga is beginnging to piss me off. i may have to get some liquid nitrogen and freeze her ass off. boo.

iii) so. last night. on my way home. just toodling along, jabbering away at whomever will answer when i call. i'm thinking i need to go to the old house and get mail from the mailbox. except i decide against it. but when i look up, i'm on my way to the old house. i'm buzzing through carlizzle for shizzle and i'm not heading in the direction of my new home. it made me sort of sad. old habits die hard. so do bad ones.

D) dad and carolyn are back. living in the farmhouse. i saw that number come up on my caller id - that same phone number they've had for decades (well, not really decades, more like decade and three years) and it just looked weird. it's hard to imagine being happy in farm hell after living in paradise but it wasn't my decision to make. the part that would suck about a move like that is that you pack up your container with everything you own, put it on a ship and say sayanora until it arrives somehere on the west coast. long beach, san diego, seattle - you don't freaking know. it takes a month and a half to get yer stuff, and that would just bug the hell out of me. the funny thing about that is that you can track it's progress online, like fed ex or something. so like, day12: middle of the pacific ocean. day 17: middle of the pacific ocean. day 22: middle of the pacific ocean. i think i'd rather not know.

6) roomie or no roomie? that is the question. well, really, it boils down to money or no money and then the answer to the roommate question becomes perfectly clear. so far, money/no roomie. next month, it might be different.

b) miss nigel and i are out this weekend or i'm going to kung fu her. i have her word. she PROMISED. i need this weekend like a monkey needs toilet paper. i have no idea what that means.

i think that's it. i don't really have anything else to talk about. i wish they'd bring me my washer and dryer. i have dirty clothes, you bastards, don't you care?

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