10 October 2006

i can't sleep but i can dream

and what strange dreams they were. i dreamt that i was at the airport, but not at work, and meeting my old friend roger rabbit. apparently he had gone to school at usc and was working as an emt. i don't know why you'd have to go to usc for emt training, but whatever. he wore a baseball cap, which the rabbit didn't do often, and he wore it an angle, similar to a baseball player i used to know. it was adorable. his shirt said something about the florida gators football team. we hugged and he told me how much he had missed me and he thought i was doing the right thing. i just sort of nodded, because even in my dream i realized that it has been a long time since i've talked to him and i was sort of wondering how he knew what was going on. but it was definitely the rabbit - i could smell him, he has smelled the same way since the day i met him in ninth grade. he's always smelled really, really good. and he called me janelley, which he's always done. i was sort of perplexed but so happy to see him i didn't ask any questions. we made our way to a bookstore, upstairs from the terminal. there were lots of people i knew at this bookstore - a lot of them i haven't seen or thought about in a long time. richard nixon was reading from a book, it sounded like poetry. but the rabbit kept walking away from me, faster and faster, and finally he was gone. i couldn't see him in the crowd anymore and i felt really sad. a waitress kept asking me if i wanted something to drink. and then qtknee from work gave me a ride home. and then i woke up.

i wonder what the rabbit is up to these days.

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