04 October 2006

i love furbys!

i have three of them. one of them is retarded and does not work. one is of unknown status, i've never put batteries in them. the third is possessed and just speaks at random times. i keep him in my bedroom because he freaks out the cat sometimes in the middle of the night. good times. i see them at garage sales and i feel sorry for them so i buy them. its a compulsion, i know, i can't seem to stop. not going to garage sales helps too.

so. what happened today? hmmm. i worked from 1030 to 1900. that's a long shift. i don't think i'd ever bid that shift. i don't like it very much. but hours are hours are dollars and dollars = good.

this is an 81 honda! how dare you! that movie is going to be so dumb but i'm dying to see it. i have the noisiest dishwasher this side of this mississippi. i think i could hear it at the ice cream store. i hope melissa saved the last of the chocolate ice cream for me. they're not going to have chocolate until spring. boo.... so much for going out and drinking with meekin tomorrow. i got suckered into working again because i'm not able to say no. no. no. no. no. "do you want to work tomorrow and the next day and the next day?" "yes." grr. i suck. actually, ask around. that's one thing i don't do. hmmm... what day is today? is this tuesday? my days are running together, i never know what day it is. i always know the date but it doesn't matter because i don't know what day of the week it is. all the days are the same to me, there's no distinction. if it's tuesday, i have less than 72 hours until designated drinking day. rock on.

today my best good pal was at work. not to work, but to meet with the powers that be. this is such a bunch of hullaballoo, it just reeks of inaccuracy and misinformation. it's like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. here, let me testify against you in a court of law after i assist you in writing a statement proclaiming your innocence and your exemplary work record. wtf? make up your minds, damn it. i'd be pissed about the whole thing. making you go through security like a common criminal. i'm surprised they didn't make you a selectee so you got the glove. you think it's a good thing, or at least a fun thing, to come back; you even seem to be looking forward to it. don't get me wrong - i love you. i miss having you around. but i'd tell them all to fuck off and go find a place where you're happy - because it's not here. we all know that. i worry about you. i want good things for you. and we both know this isn't it. i hope my bit of information helps you get what you want, i'm happy to help however i can. just let me know.

this is bothering me. i'm not able to lick my elbow. are you? i have to admit i've tried, several times, and i just don't work that way. can anyone do this? okay. off to find something to do. i'm bored and i still can't sleep. boo...

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