01 July 2006

the word of the week is fucktard, fucktard.

i went garage saling this morning with my garage sale buddy. i practically stole a laptop out of his hands. i sort of feel bad about it, but not bad enough to offer to sell it to him or anything crazy whack funky like that. you snooze you lose, pedro. we snooped through shit, and i do mean shit, on the south side of the metro. (metro. ha.) it's always interesting to see what people are selling and even more interesting to see what people are buying. people don't generally buy random things, except for us, and they're only random to the extent that they're not specificially for us, per se. but to watch other people pilfer through other people's belongings is fascinating. especially when they don't speak english, because i want to know what they're saying. and because they always want a good deal. a dollar for that brand new in box light fixture? well, you're obviously out of your mind. however, 85 cents is far more reasonable, lady. generally i do not leave garage saling with regrets, but this time i do wish i'd purchased the toilet salt and pepper shakers, if for no other reason than to say that at one time in my life i owned toilet shaped salt and pepper shakers.

the special olympics are in the area. i hear there are retards roaming the airport. and they're not only mildly to serverely retarded, but they're buff and kickass strong. which means they could put someone in a headlock if luggage were to get lost. when this scenario plays out in my mind, they for some reason sound like timmy from south park. and that just cracks me up. but in honor of the special olympics, the word of the week is fucktard. its a nice combination of fuckface and retard. i love it. you do know what the only thing better than winning in the special olympics is, don't you?

not being retarded. fucktard. hehehehehehehe....

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