16 July 2006

good morning, vietnam

i spent the majority of last night trying to teach my puppy to bark on command. i think he's trained me instead. little bastard. we had company last night, arriving in the wee hours of dawn, and we thought it best to keep the pup cooped up in the bedroom. that was neat fun. i love being up to watch the sunrise. but our drunk houseguest couldn't figure out which of our two doors was open so a barrage of phone calls at 500 had the house up in arms, so there was no sleep to be had. no sleep 'til brooklyn. so here it is, 630, and i'm bright eyed and bushy tailed and oh-so-excited to go to work. yeehaw.

nine more straight days of work and then i get a day off. then i get six days off. then i get six days off in hawaii. then i get six days off in hawaii to lay on the beach. i think you can see where this is going.

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