10 July 2006

to whom it may concern

i am writing this post to inform you of my intent to resign from my position as assistant finance and insurance manager/phone answerer/message taker/payment receiver/complaint resolution specialist/office busy body at my secondary place of employment. following, please find my reasoning behind my resignation.

  1. family. it's impossible to work with family. its safer just not to play that game. too much information, too much time together, an unhappy family makes.
  2. too many chiefs, not enough indians. lots of decision makers, not so many decisions. it gets old.
  3. i can't stand doing nothing. being there and doing nothing gives me a headache. every time i leave there after a long day of ineffectiveness, i have to take a migraine pill and cry myself to sleep, my fucking head hurts so bad. is it the glare from the windows? the melancholy mood of the business? take your pick.
  4. i'm not interested in having multiple jobs anymore. i can barely handle the one i have some days. i'm not able to juggle two jobs when one is taking up 50+ hours a week. i'm not wired that way. sorry to disappoint.
  5. i've never been properly trained and i'm not comfortable with the work in some situations.

and for these reasons, please accept my resignation - my second resignation. i've already quit this job once. please let me go.


oh, this was nice. i thought this was really neat... "gotta pass on your next maui adventure... picking up lots of hours... as far as next week in dallas, i really don't have much free time. only there two nights and i have plans for dinner with my captain, which were made a long time ago... and one of my coworkers is gonna be there for core , who was my coworker at comair... would love to see you, but don't know if it's worth it for a short trip..."

i was just un-invited from my own fucking vacation. whore.

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