30 July 2006

five down! yeehaw!

i've never had such a painful tattoo experience. this hurt. but oh so worth it, especially since i've got number six all planned out. check this shit out:

i adore this tattoo! this is so me! it's a west african symbol of life transformation. the dude that did it was cool, although i think he was more absorbed in his plumbing problems than my major life changes. ahh well. not everyone is good at evaluating the sensitivity of others. dad went with me, that was funny. he wants tattoos so bad, but he's got a small fear of needles and blood, so i was supposed to show him how painless the entire experience was. however, this was the only time i've ever gotten even a little sick while getting a tattoo, and i nearly passed out. i didn't realize how little skin there is on your spine. this sucker was painful but very, very worth it. go me!

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