08 July 2006

i'll give you twin features

i painted my fingernails at work today. it was a slow, slow day. i hate fingernail polish but if i didn't do something i would have passed out from tiredness at the baggage claim desk and i don't think that looks very good. speaking of work, it was grand fucktard central with all the special olympics folks heading out. that was fun. i've never seen so many matching tshirts and gold medals. does everyone get a gold medal? i understand that they're special, hence, special olympics, but aren't these games somewhat competitive? what's the freaking point if we're all winners?
this week's word is himbo. it's the male version of a bimbo. currently, i don't think i know any himbos, but when i meet one, i will be sure to enlighten him with this literary crowd pleaser. it's a great word, i'm just sad i haven't been able to utilize it thus far.
i met pissface's bf. he's not what i expected, and perhaps he was being shy, but still, the difference between perception and reality was somewhat shocking. very nice person, don't get me wrong, but i feel i could easily offend him just by being me. (somedays i enjoy offending others for no other good reason than i can, but i don't want to intentionally offend this person. yet...) i hope this isn't the case, this 36-hour trip could be painful. that's not the length of my stay, but pissface's. i'm all for going just because i can, but that's not a very long stay. i better get to snorkel goddamn it. and i better get a mai tai. oh, fine, let's be honest, if sue's going, we'd better have a designated driver. we're going to have a lot of mai tais. :D

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