26 July 2006

call me

one of my favorite thing about being here is the time difference. all the people i'm trying to avoid are already 5 hours into their day by the time i wake up, which gives me 5 less hours to try and avoid them. but when it comes to people i want to talk to, the time difference fucking sucks. i'm asking alot for someone to stay up five extra hours just to talk to me, 'specially on a tuesday night. i wonder what today holds. what a fascinating trip.
so i think uugof is fixed. i think they just went ahead and fixed him. i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. since i'm not there to figure it out and eddy alreday hates me for being gone. he's having a bad week and i chose not to be there, so while i'm already a shitty spouse, this makes me especially shitty. i do feel bad about the dog.
i want to go to canada so i can say aboot instead of about. just for a little while. not permanently. just for a few days. otherwise it sounds dumb.
so last night we had dinner at the outback. and i called jorge, and yes it was 200 in the morning, but he answered. and he laughed because we're in hawaii and we're eating at the outback. how fucking original. hehehehehe....
my entourage is thinking perhaps they want to make the drive to hana today. this could be interesting. as long as i don't have to drive. i ended up rubbing on a white mercedes with my rented red escape yesterday. that was a joy. i've take a sabbatical from driving from now on. thank god.

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