01 July 2006

i have goals. lots of them.

this is a small list of things i want to do before i perish. this list is not all inclusive. this is just what i can think of at the moment.

  • donate a large amount of money to charity. anonymously.
  • eat chinese food. in china. and like it.
  • learn to hand jive. seriously.
  • master walking in crazy high heels for no other reason than i want to.
  • be someone's godparent.
  • get my masters' degree.
  • pay off my student loans. (yeah, that's not happening, but it sounds good.)
  • map my family tree. the real one, not the imaginary one.
  • drop all the grudges and guilt i carry. it's not healthy and kind of heavy.
  • stop drinking soda and start drinking juice. forever.
  • become a vegan.
  • move to an island. far, far away. (where they don't know what student loans are...)
  • learn to differentiate love from security and need from want.

**the list is subject to change and is not comprehensive. but sometimes i think if i don't write these things down they'll never happen.

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