15 July 2006

i may go on a shoplifting spree

items under 25$ are okay to steal from your local wal-mart. those in favor of the famed five-finger discount no longer have to live in fear of the local 5-0. wal-mart's new policy is to let petty thefts - those with values under 25$ - fade away. unless, of course, you tend to make a habit (say, daily?) of petty thefts from your local wal-mart. that may gather some attention. it's an interesting change in policy. it must be nice - 25$ here, 25$ there, after all, it's just money. bfd.

however, if you are a sticky-fingered wal-mart bandit, the best way to avoid the entire "is it worth more than 25$" debacle is just to not get caught. :D

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