02 December 2007

sunday ramblings

the christmas party for job#2 was cancelled last night because of the weather. which is funny, because by the time the christmas party should have started, the weather was just peachy and the roads were dandy. i think the open bar gods were frowning upon me, for some reason, i'm not really sure what that might be but apparently i was not meant to have free drinks last night.


so i ended up in chariton last night, since the party was a bust and i was bored as shit. i went out with nigel and snackmaster bob and it was a good time. i haven't been out forever and to tell you the truth, i wasn't 100 percent into it, i'm not sure why. i can tell you that i'm happy to be away from the drama and crap and bullshit that makes for small town living - it's just constant badmouthing and shit stirring and i listen to it now, having been away for over a month, and it amazes me that i cared at all. blah, blah, blah... i don't really care who's sleeping with whom and who's cheating on whom and and and... it's a bunch of crap and i'm better off not being involved. small town drama is contagious and toxic.

so i stayed with the bee at his parents house last night, sleeping on the living room floor, which does wonders for my neck. yes, this is me being facetious. because my neck hurts like ass today. although, it could have been the headbanging at the bar, because let's face it, i have incredible headbanging hair - always have. :) anyway, i was up at 0530 this morning because the bee and the manly group of animal shooters that are staying at his parents house were awake and leaving at that ungodly hour. sleeping on the living room floor, i was sort of in the way and i probably would have fallen back asleep if it weren't for the fourteen people tramping back and forth over me, stepping on my feet and hair, watching espn news at a volume that only compares to a rock concert and discussing their barbaric strategy for maiming and killing animals. so i left for home and went back to bed. i didn't wake up until nearly 1400 this afternoon.

have i mentioned how much i love sleeping in? granted, that's a little excessive, but it felt good. and it's not like i really had much to do today. i've cleaned house (that takes half an hour, tops) and done laundry. AND i made banana bread and ziti - it's been a productive day. woohoo!

tomorrow is back to work, back to normal. it's a new month with new goals. i'm not sure what to expect for this month as far as volume of calls and leads, so i'm not making any changes to my monthly goals. i can't get anyone at work to give me any sort of historic data on december sales and there is no historic data on call volume, we're creating that as we go along. did i tell you that the new girl at work just left for lunch one day last week and never came back? that made me laugh. but i could feel that she wasn't going to last long. and in the meantime, our original group of three just gets cattier and more cynical about ever finding anyone to fill the open desk.

oh! speaking of shit: the bird poop on the skylight is gone. it got cleared off in the rain yesterday afternoon. :D

i'm out.

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