01 December 2007

i say fuck that ice.

now the bird shit on the skylight is frozen. that is too awesome for words. it's gonna be april before this shit thaws.

hahaha... no pun intended. :D

so i'm supposed to be at work right now. but mother nature is preventing that from happening. it's icing like a motherfucker at the moment. and i'm not talking chocolate frosting. i'm talking like giant balls of ice falling from the sky and freezing shit to the ground. it's practically hailing, it's so bad. and once again, i attempted to make it to work. and this time the car even started. but it took 45 minutes just to get into the car and another half-hour before i could scrape off the windshield enough so i could see. and then i made it to the interstate, watched the state dick in front of me slide into the ditch and promptly turned my rig around.

i'm rick james, bitch. fuck that ice. but what a waste of good hair.

so i'm home. again. and i'm bored as hell. again. what to do with my day?

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