12 December 2007

i don't want to wear bacon to work.

monday i had this cut on the side of my thumb. it wasn't bleeding or anything but it was really sore. i wanted to put some neosporin on it (because neosporin heals everything, just ask nigel) and a band-aid on top to keep it from getting all ooky under my mittens. but the only band-aids we have in this house look like bacon and eggs. no, seriously, look:

b&e band aids. and i'm not talking a dane cook-type b&e, where you have to wear your second favorite shirt. nope, actual b&e, which is quite yummy indeed. but i just didn't think that bacon or eggs was appropriate to wear to work. so i suffered all day long, band aid-less and bacon-less. and i'll have you know, my thumb still hurts.

and now i'm hungry for bacon and eggs.

so my momma had her surgery yesterday. it went surprisingly well - even though she was pretty well doped up (gotta love pain meds) she seemed to be doing really well. the incision on her neck is wicked - kinda looks like something frankenstein's bride might sport on halloween. roberto was a little freaked out by it, but i tend to think that wounds are cool. and so are scars. if she doesn't want to tell people it's from surgery, she can make up some crazy outlandish story like that she was abducted by a machete-wielding maniac and forced to do something freaking crazy, like root for the ou sooners or something equally disgusting and wild. and people be will all, 'yeah, whatever' and she can be all, 'yeah, shut the fuck up, i've got a scar bitches, so suck it.'

i mean, that's what i'd do. :)

so i've got something i'm just dying to discuss but i can't do it just yet. i have to make sure that all concerned parties are notified before i go blabbing. which sucks ass because it's sort of my secret and i ought to be able to talk about it if i like. but no-o-o-o. the bee's all up in arms because certain people have not been informed and i need to keep my mouth shut until all the shit is cleaned from the blades of the proverbial fan.

fine. but just know that an announcement is coming. stay tuned, dear readers. it's about to get much, much more interesting around here.

and that being said, i think i'm going to go lie down. i'm kind of tired.

i'm low on gas and you need a jacket.

love, superjanel

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