14 August 2007

whoops :(

wow, i am such a heel. i forget a lot of things on a regular basis, i often wonder if i don't have one of those obsessive compulsive disorders going on when i'm trying to leave the house and i wonder about 16 times if i shut my bedroom door. anyway. yesterday was my lil' cousin's third birthday and i completely forgot. how do you apologize to a three-year-old? it's not like i can call and offer some lame excuse to her on the phone.

actually, if there were ever a person to try to offer a lame excuse to, it may be a three-year-old. think about that... "lil' cousin, i'm so sorry i missed your birthday; i was, um, stuck in an elevator near the, um, 116th floor of a building in dsm, yeah, and i didn't know if i was going to make it..." to which she may respond, "I GOT BARNEY DVDS!" which would sort of take me off the hook...

wow, i suck. :(

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