25 August 2007

but our shenanigans are cheeky and fun!

i just spent the better part of 17 minutes trying to log in to blogger to write this post.

the average person would not spend seven minutes, let alone 17 minutes, trying to log in to any site, but the superjanel is nothing if not tenacious and today is no exception.

and today i am tenacious and today i am bored, because i am still lying in bed and it's nearly 1300 and i'm still in my pj's and i have nothing to do today and i am celebrating that fact - woohoo! - by writing this post, but that almost didn't happen because on the 18th minute of attempting to login i was going to give up and go start drinking because it is saturday, better known as heavy drinking day, but i just ate breakfast not that long ago and i'm not sure how well tequila sunrises sit on top of life cereal and skim milk.

reading that sentence makes me tired. i'd go back to bed, i'm so exhausted, but t-bone is vacuuming and there's no sleeping through that mack truck of a vacuum. holy crap.

my god, it's hard being me...

so. when was the last time i wrote? it's been like four or five days. i don't know what my major malfunction is, private pyle. i used to write like seven posts a day; i'll be lucky if i hit 15 posts this month.

so i had a job interview this week; on monday. and i rocked that shit. i'm not going to lie to you, i get all nerved up about that kind of stuff and then when i get in there i am a freaking rock star. because if there is anything that the janel is good at it's 1) bullshitting and 2) talking about the janel. don't get me wrong, i didn't completely pull the interview out of my ass; in fact, this was one of the best interviews i've had in a long time because for once, i'm completely qualified for this job and, here's the shocker, i'm interested in it. i want this job. i think i'd be good at it. are we talking long term, career potential? eh, who knows. i don't like to think long term about anything - jobs, relationships, leases, car loans, movie rentals, blah, blah, blah... but i do think i'd be good at this. so this interview went well enough that i've been invited back for round two on monday. which has me completely stressing out because i don't think i have anything to wear! ugh... i'm going to have to work on that.

look what i found this week: mr. potato head as opitmash prime. is that not the cutest thing ever? it was between him and the nintendo wii and my checkbook liked him a whole lot better so now he sits on the shelf next to darth tater and spidey spud. i loves me some mr. potato heads. i have all these potato head parts that came from disneyworld, not that i've ever been to disneyworld, but some friends went a couple of few years ago and brought back a load of parts for me. they're adorable. the parts, not the friends. well, the friends used to be cute but i didn't get them in the big "d", if you know what i mean. which is sad, because i really liked them. just like i didn't get the eye doctor or the dentist or the right to go to a sprint car race without feeling like a dirty pirate hooker. but whatevs. life goes on, right? right. anyway.

so i have a myspace account. i'm a self-proclaimed myspace addict. i comment (rarely), i update my page (frequently), i add bands and friends (sometimes) and post bulletins (way too often). but you know what pisses me off about myspace? religious people who try to push their religion off on me. don't post your "only three percent..." bulletins to try and goad me into feeling guilty about MY supposed lack of religion. just because you're feeling atrocious about your godless life doesn't mean that i'm feeling particularly bad about mine, be it godless or not. and this isn't really just a myspace issue - this is a whole life issue. people trying to push their religion on me, by way of intimidating bumper stickers or billboards or personalities - i really don't think that was the way it was meant to be done, you know? so all you hymn-singing, bible-thumping, verse-reciting whack jobs can just settle the fuck down. my not posting a myspace bulletin does not effect the relationship i have with god. it's cool. simmer.

i saw a t-shirt that says "god loves me and my tattoos"- i want it.

it's a beautiful saturday, it's not raining, it's nearly two o' clock in the afternoon and i'm sort of still in bed. i know. but it's not like i have anything else to do today. i sort of want to wash my car. and i need to tend to the kittehs. my new fish is doing well, despite the fact that my mom thinks he looks like a drag queen. i don't know many queens named karl, but wtf.

i'm not sure what to do with my day. or my night. nigel wants to go drinking and i'm all for that; the king bee wants to come down and sleep in my bed because he's working seven days a week, 12-hour shifts. any time we spend together lately is really just him sleeping and me watching tv. whatever, that's fine. but can't we do that on a weeknight when there may be something decent on tv and there's not a dj at the canteena and my friends aren't out getting stupid and calling me at all hours of the night? then i don't have to listen to you ask who it is every time my phone rings, because that question gets really old and i get tired of that look on your face...


so lately i've noticed that a lot of people are driving around with these memorial-type stickers on their cars, celebrating the lives of people who have died tragically or too young or what have you. i think that's weird. like babies. i've seen vinyl for babies, "in loving memory of my angel baby, [insert name here]" - don't you think that's just bizarre? i mean yes, dead babies are sad, they are tragic, it's not their fault - but babies, alive or dead, have no idea what a car is and why on earth would anyone want a freaking sticker on the back of theirs for a dead baby? that's just weird. for teenagers, i guess makes a little more sense, if any of it makes sense, because teenagers like stickers and they like cars and they're in their cars all the damn time, that's fine. one of the weirdest ones i saw was for an old person, "in loving memory of my grandma, {name}, 1800-2007". okay - now we're pushing it. because i think that's like a cheap ass lame-o version of an "i love my grandma" tattoo, you know? it's like telling the world that you have no class and no money, so instead of memorializing your beloved grandma on your bicep, you're going to do it on the back window of your beater ford taurus - now isn't that grand? that's gonna make grandma proud, woohoo! people are so stupid.

a friend of mine is trying to get me a killer deal on a psp. because i don't have enough expensive electronic gadgets, yo. the psp, skins, usb, games, a case - all for one low, low price that i'm not posting here because my moms reads here and she already thinks i'm retarded. i'm not retawded; i'm just special. :)

if i get this hob i'm going to have to move. (stop dancing, parentals. stop it right now. you're scaring the kittehs.) i hate moving. moving hates me. my crap is scattered all over southeast iowa and while that's nobody's fault but my own i still find it highly irritating. gahhhh.

okay. i have got to go find something to do now.

hugs and kisses, superjanel OUT.

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