20 August 2007

i'll tell you who it was, it was that damned sasquatch.

ugh. i remember now why i was not disappointed by missing the state fair last year. because if you've gone once, you're good for at least a decade. seriously. if you go about once every ten or 12 or 26 years, you're covered. rarely is there anything new or exciting enough to merit an annual visit, and while the harry potter carved of butter was neat-o burrito it was not worth that much time, energy or sweat in uncomfortable places. and there was a lot of sweat in uncomfortable places and we even went on one of the "nice" days. so wtf?

yeah, i don't know.

so my last post makes me sound like 1) i condone lying in my relationships and 2) i am a liar myself. do let me clarify. i don't believe that either is otay; i just know that 1) it happens and 2) i've done it to keep the peace. i'm not proud of it, it's not the highlight of my relationship "career" but i highly doubt i'm the only one that's suffered a pacification process, you know? and as far as condoning lying from others - yeah, well, NO. it's right up there with all the other stupid things that people can do to me that i won't put up with (abuse, ignorance, driving a ford). no, i found the situation funny because he just kept digging the hole and he seemed so shocked by the whole thing. the look on his face was classic, it was great. that's what was funny. being lied to was not funny; that made me want to rip his head off and spit in his throat hole, that's how well i tolerate a liar. but since that would be messy and we were in public, i'll just make fun of him for it for a few more months and then continue to bring it up in petty arguments and such.

just kidding. sort of.

so i worked today. no seriously, i was at work and i did stuff. go me. and tomorrow i have a job interview. the job i haven't wanted to talk about for fear of jinxing it? yeah, that job. woot.

so my besty friend libbeth is preggers. woohoo! yay for babies that aren't mine and that are hers and ryan's because they are freaking adorable! i'm taking time off (from a job i don't have yet, i wonder how that works?) when the baby is born in april. not that i'll hold it or anything, i don't really like kids until they're about 6 months old and i can't do a lot of damage, but i'll hang out with casen and maddie and play wii and make faces at chloe because i miss those kids like there's no tomorrow. don't get me wrong, i miss libbeth and ryan, but the kids are awesome.

king bee bought me a goldfish on saturday. i named him karl, he kind of reminds me of karl marx. i keep wanting to yell at him that maybe if he'd told me there were delicious Triscuit crackers i could have enjoyed them too... but i think that's a different karl.

o'doyle rules.

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