14 August 2007

it sounded like a jail break

i woke up madder than crap this morning. it sounded like the kittehs were trying to break out of the bedroom by twisting the doorknob over and over. there's an old, rickety, noisy doorknob on the door of my room; and the kittehs couldn't get it open if they wanted to but they could make some noise if they tried. i yelled several times before i realised that it was not the kittehs, it was the massive equipment outside my window digging up the street below. sorry kittehs...

i'm bored today. a girl can only watch so much sportscenter before rotting of pococurantism. (ooh, new word...) i have no idea what i'm going to do today; but i've got to get out of this house or i'm going to injure someone.

king bee came down and hung out last night, for about 45 minutes before he zonked out. good to know i'm so entertaining. he spent that 45 minutes browsing houses his realtor sent him via email and cursing my computer, which is fine when i do it but i take offense when others swear at it. all these houses are either in melcher or in the hood of the greater dsm area, and i told him that i refuse to be seen with a melchercano or hang out in the hood due to the likelihood of bodily harm.

wow, i'm crappy today. wtf? i'm going to go find something to do.

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