13 August 2007

i can't be with you; i'm spiderman.

settle down, i'm fine. i'm still around, i'm still here. i'm doing swell, actually, and thanks for asking. i wonder if there is a correlation between being happy and not having anything to write about? because while things aren't perfect at the moment, i'm happy. things are good.

i was supposed to work at the whippity dippity last night; open to close. i felt a little weird all morning - my guts were in dismay, and not even the kind of dismay brought about by a night of drinking - and i got to work and started to open up, and i couldn't take the smell of anything. i was sick as a dog. so i got someone to cover for me and headed home. and today i am starving. there is nothing i won't eat today. well, maybe some things. like fish and peas. ooohky...

i've got a job prospect. one that i'm seriously interested in and kind of excited about. i don't want to talk about it too much for fear that i'll jinx it. it's a bit of a drive from my present location, but that will change with time. i don't want to rush into anything regarding a place to live - i want it to be a place i like, a place i want to be, a place that is *me* - you know? other people may have other ideas for me, though. it's interesting how history repeats itself. i guess the real test is how i respond, the choices i make, right?

kenickie and i are awesome. for two people that have nothing in common we get along amazingly well. we went to the front row challenge last week; i had a good time even though i couldn't tell you who won if my life depended on it. nigel and the bobinator didn't make it, so it was just me and kenickie and his cousin, along with aunties karen and sandy and the regular crew. i didn't get any chicken, which was moderately upsetting but i'm moving on, going forward. life is not always about chicken. kenickie wanted to go to the saturday night show, but it didn't work out and my heart wasn't exactly broken over it, you know?

i can't think of anything else to talk about at the moment. i gots some stuff to do.

peas out.
love, superjanel

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