20 August 2007

i used up a favor for that?

back on like day three of this "relationship", king bee asked me to go to the iowa speedway with him for some indy car event. not having been before, i arranged to get the day off and accepted. the next morning, he calls - the weather was looking "iffy" and he wasn't sure if it was going to be held at all, so we didn't go.

i knew something was up that day; in fact, i said as much to him and to nigel that i knew i'd been ditched. whatever. i'd moved on.

so yesterday we're at lunch. over pizza he mentions how much he'd like to see the indy 500 someday. not really for the racing, but for the female drivers. he thinks he's being cute. you don't have to go to indy for that, i say, you could have seen that in newton, meaning back on day three, when we could have gone to the indy event.

i did, he says. and then he realizes what he's said. i mean, shawn sent me pictures from his phone because he was there, he's stammering, trying to dig himself out of the hole he has just tossed himself into headfirst.

and then he knows he's stuck. i turned the knob on the door, but he motherfucking roundhouse kicked that thing open chuck norris style and tore it into pencil size pieces. dude cracked me up; because we all know if you're going to lie and ditch someone you sure as hell don't slip up and talk about it. in fact, if you're going to lie at all, which i don't condone, but let's face it, it does happen from time to time - if you're going to lie, you keep that shit straight.

and now he knows that i forget very little.

i'm still laughing about this. it's funny shit.

dude thought he was in so much trouble he offered to buy me a wii. i wouldn't let him. then he offered to go half-sies with me on the wii and i still turned him down.

just cracks me up.

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