02 August 2007

101 things in 1001 days

have you heard of this before? (read about the details and rules here; i've very little patience for rules and details, you know me...) i've seen it around a bit, and i've been working on a list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1,001 days. it's harder than it looks; i've been working on this for a bit now.

1,001 days from tomorrow, friday, 03 august 2007, is friday, 30 april 2010.

ready or not, here are the janel's 101 goals...

  1. [life changes] move out of mom's house. completed 10nov07
  2. consolidate crap down to one storage unit. no storage unit at all would be even better.
  3. completed 10nov07
  4. file bankruptcy. completed 18dec07
  5. get a job. completed 27aug07
  6. then get a job that i like and want and quit that crappy job. also completed 27aug07, as of 10nov07 i've decided i really like my job
  7. overcome my fear of large bodies of water by spending time in a lake, in an ocean or on a boat at least five times [3/5 completed]
  8. tell someone i love them and mean it. completed 03sept07
  9. discuss catholic conversion with a priest.
  10. pay my tickets/fines/tags. completed 17aug07
  11. get my license back. completed 04oct07
  12. [health and beauty] use up all the expensive beauty products i currently have and then replace them with less expensive and more green products. completed 21oct07
  13. transition to a fresh food only diet.
  14. lose 30 pounds.
  15. finish my tattoo series.
  16. treat myself to a pedicure four times. [1/4 times]
  17. find out if i'm a candidate for laser eye surgery.
  18. take a yoga class. and take it seriously.
  19. run a 5k - and finish.
  20. stop drinking soda.
  21. stop chewing my bottom lip.
  22. stop chewing my fingernails.
  23. whiten my teeth.
  24. [money] begin to repair my credit.
  25. begin paying on my student loans on a monthly basis.
  26. stop bouncing checks.
  27. open a savings account and keep dollars in there.
  28. get a safe deposit box.
  29. trade in my car for something more green. this sort of happened when i got rid of the uugof this spring. close enough.
  30. set a monthly budget. stick to it at least four times. [4/4 completed] that's as done as it's ever going to get!
  31. give $20 to a homeless person or a stranger in need. completed october 2008
  32. clean out my closet - if it hasn't been worn in over one year, donate it or sell it on ebay. completed august 2008
  33. [friends/family] get to know my friends' kids by spending time with them on a monthly basis or as much as i can.
  34. send personal christmas cards with handwritten notes to friends and family.
  35. remember birthdays and anniversaries by sending cards (not online) for an entire year.
  36. send someone i care about flowers for no special reason. completed 17oct07
  37. road trip with my brother(s). we flew but it still counts. completed october 9, 2008
  38. spend a weekend with my grandma. she's not going to be around forever.
  39. take the kittehs in for regular kitteh check ups. completed by my momma 21dec07
  40. take my mom to lunch on a regular basis.
  41. make amends with an ex-friend. completed feb 2008
  42. write five letters to elizabeth. [0/5 completed]
  43. [education/enrichment] immerse myself in kung fu movies. completed 30sep07
  44. read at least a book a week for a month. completed 20nov07
  45. attend a church service.
  46. join the library.
  47. completed dec 2007
  48. join a book club and participate.
  49. learn to kayak (in north carolina, preferably).
  50. learn to play the piano.
  51. do not go online for three consecutive days. completed 12oct07
  52. learn to speak spanish.
  53. learn to drive a stick shift.
  54. make an emergency winter kit for my car and don't eat the granola bars when i'm stuck in traffic.
  55. grow a plant from a seed and don't let the cats eat it.
  56. learn the names and locations of the major constellations in the summer. completed august 2008
  57. learn to whistle.
  58. catalog my books
  59. write a book. it doesn't have to be publishable or even good.
  60. sell a story.
  61. setup a saltwater fishtank.
  62. close my myspace account. (sort of) completed dec 2007
  63. close my facebook account. completed 05sept07
  64. learn to snorkel.
  65. read the bible.
  66. paint a painting.
  67. take the gre.
  68. register to vote. completed 04oct07 then vote. completed 14oct08
  69. support a political candidate in the 2008 election. GO OBAMA! completed september 2008
  70. become a "friend of" a museum or art gallery.
  71. [fun stuff] [insert your own innuendo here :)]
  72. see a midnight showing of rocky horror picture show.
  73. get my tongue pierced.
  74. try with every ounce of my being to be a contestant on the price is right or wheel of fortune.
  75. send a secret to postsecret.
  76. buy an outfit at a thrift store and wear it.
  77. buy a mac laptop when my dell bites the dust :(
  78. spend all day in bed when i'm not ill. completed summer 2008
  79. go camping. in a tent. completed september 2008
  80. hot lap a sprint car.
  81. attend baseball games at three basball stadiums that i've never been to before. [0/3 completed]
  82. be in a parade
  83. try a baltimore zoo.
  84. purchase 10 more swatch watches. [0/10 completed]
  85. attend two music festivals. [0/2 completed]
  86. host a party.
  87. sing karaoke. sober.
  88. own enough underwear that i don't have to do laundry for a month. completed 28dec07
  89. go bungee jumping.
  90. go skydiving.
  91. dress in costume for halloween.
  92. take a picture every day for a month and post them on my blog.
  93. have a garage sale. completed june 2008
  94. [travel] travel to greece.
  95. see the grand canyon.
  96. visit new orleans.
  97. vacation in banff.
  98. [volunteer] reapply for the peace corps after gaining volunteer experience.
  99. donate blood five times [0/5 times completed].
  100. volunteer at least five times, for at least one hour each [0/5 completed]
  101. [misc] make it to 2,000 blog entries.
  102. post this list on the internet and make it public knowledge.completed 02aug07
  103. in 1,001 days, write 101 new goals.
what do you think?

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