04 August 2007

cross my heart, i'm not on drugs

my dreams are getting weirder and weirder. and i'm not [currently] on any hallucinogenics. last night i dreamt that my parents were angry with me because they were sleeping on an air mattress in the breezeway. i don't know what this had to do with me, necessarily, but there was definitely hostility in the air. i felt guilty when i woke up and i hadn't even done anything wrong.

i'm proud of my 101/1001. i think that will be fun to complete. i'm going to set up a running tabulation on my sidebar so i don't lose track of time or goals. by posting it on my blog, i've already completed one. woot!

i'm at job #2 today. worked at the whippity dippity yesterday for hours and hours on end, it seemed. all the people i enjoy working with are leaving for school, so it's going to be the basic crew come the end of the month. we were slow as crap last night; i let one employee go early (on a friday night - wtf?!) and we closed up shop basically right on the button. but it's fair week and nationals week and all sorts of fun stuff; just nothing too close to the whippity dippity.

i got the sweetest card in the mail yesterday from libbeth; i loved it. i love mail. well, good mail. mail like that from gmac kind of sucks my nut. i miss her and her little family and her doggies. they're so cute. the family is cute. well, the doggies are cute too.

have you ever noticed how much the burger king and the quaker oatmeal guy look alike? it's kind of scary. check this out...

scary isn't it? those dudes are brothers; they've gotta be.

omg. there's got to be something more productive i can do with my time.

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