16 August 2007

iceberg right ahead

finally. rain. it's not a brazillion and 73 degrees outside today; it's only a brazillion and four. actually, any talk of the weather by the superjanel is pure speculation at this point, as she hasn't made it outside because appears to be raining. but it doesn't look as hot as it did yesterday, and that makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

so yesterday i saw this commercial for a special edition, 3-disc set of the movie titanic. woohoo. but the thing that cracked me up - beyond the flashback to a dark movie theatre full of sobbing women and snoring men - was the fact that they advertised an alternate ending. how can titanic have an alternate ending? we all know what happens - the fucking boat fucking sinks. alternate ending my ass; james cameron is trying to rewrite history by introducing an alternate ending universe and i say pshaw. don't fall for it - even in the alternate ending universe, the titanic still sinks, jack still dies and rose is a sobbing piece of crap. blah, blah, blah...

i ate lunch with my moms and my best grams and her husband yesterday afternoon. i always think that stuff like that is a good idea until we get mid-main event and then i find myself just praying to god that i don't end up like my grandma when i'm old. to the untrained eye, she's a harmless little (and i do mean little, she is freaking tiny!) lady, but wow, she is like mayor of guilt trip city. i'm terrified to get old, but my psychic says i'm going to live to be anywhere from 85 to 91 so i don't think i have any choice.

damn it.

i'm bored. what am i going to do today? i have to work at the whippity dippity tonight, six to close. let's examine that. drive 75 minutes, work 180 minutes, drive 75 minutes. i spend nearly as much time in the damn car as i do in the damn whippity dippity! but this isn't t-bone's fault; i took this shift from a gal at work because she took a few hours for me. but it still seems silly. i have a feeling that another employee is going to call in, ahem, "sick" this evening, so i know my help will be needed. and i'm working with roberto and that's always fun.

king bee was here last night. we watched the cubs lose a completely ridiculous game against the reds; we ate dinner at the local ling ling restaurant; we had a good time. guy makes me happy.

did i tell you that i had the opportunity to buy a nintendo wii last week? yup, i did. i went to the mider with nigel and the bobinator and there it was, this glowing light over the piddly little "electronics" department, if it can be called that. it was like the angels were singing on high and a heavenly light was shining right down on the box. i just stood there and held it, caressing the smooth cardboard until the picture started to wear off and nigel had to pull me away. it was so sad, leaving it there, it was calling my name, it wanted to go home with me. but the more i think about playing wii in my tiny little bedroom, the more i think it's prolly not a good idea. in fact, it's like a surefire way to injure myself and break a fishtank. and then i'd really be pissed. but i'd be pissed and the owner of a wii, so i'm sure those two things would balance each other out and life would go on and i'd still be in a wii-possessing-state-of-bliss. but, alas, i did not buy. nigel was able to pry the package from my hands and dragged me from the mider and talked some sense into me. i have to admit that i haven't been back for fear of writing a rubber check and running away to baja, me and my wii...

i'm applying to grad school at drake in dsm. i want my master's. simmer down, momma, i'm still getting a job (somewhere) and moving is still on my list of things to do. but i want to go back to school. just not in dbq. blecch.

i have got to find something to do today. days of our lives is on the telly and my brain is rotting out of my head. there's got to be something more educational. where's reading rainbow and levar burton when a bitch needs 'em? GOSH.

superjanel OUT.

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