15 May 2006

things that disturb me

  • posted graphics that don't work. little red "x" boxes don't do anything for me.
  • wet hair in the shower.
  • half-completed sudoku puzzles in the newspaper. do or do not; there is no try.
  • people who don't know how to spell.
  • people who spell things wrong on purpose.
  • my fucking nazi stats professor bitch.
  • lumps of toothpaste in the sink and bent toothbrush bristles.
  • fat people in skinny people clothes. ew.
  • strawberry seeds.
  • those people that walk up to my counter when (1) i'm obviously still working on something or (2) i'm obviously ignoring them and don't want to help them.
  • fakers and haters and murderers and bunny-killers.
  • spammers and friend collectors.
  • men who say the cee word. it's just dirty.
  • fish served with the head still attached.
  • high-water pants.
  • bad haircuts and unapologetic hair stylists.
  • overweight japanese elvis impersonators.
  • green jello.
  • hair in my food. hair in my sink. hair anywhere but on my head.
  • erectile dysfunction commercials.
  • people who don't like dogs.
  • people who don't like cheese.
  • screamer rock.
  • teenyboppers.
  • that's it for now. look for part two in the near future.

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