29 May 2006

happy bday, little bro

too bad for you i spent your birthday present money on myself. nah, i'll come up with something. i always do. :D

i'm supposed to be doing ebay listings and i can't get into it at all. i don't know where my mind is. i'm not tired. i slept until nearly noon and then took a nap this afternoon. irl races always put me to sleep, i don't even know where danica finished. cutie pie kasey kahne won the coca cola 600 and that's neat-o. i am so going to the front row challenge in aug to meet him. photos will be taken and blogged immediately after. i promise.

we went to the neighbor's house so earache could erect a swingset for the little one. when i was in grade school i used to love to swing. and then when i was in junior high and high school, that's where i'd go when i needed to think. i need a swingset in the backyard. it's more conduscive to my chi than ice cream in the freezer. better for my ass, too. :) probably cheaper than therapy. i think we can all tell i would benefit from some of that.

i need to go on a baseball break. first off, barry bonds is a cold-stone medicated bitch. he doesn't deserve any sort of record, fucking roided up junkie. it's obvious that the man has a problem, his neck is as big around as his thigh - that's not normal. second, what's up with this "fire dusty baker" thing going around chicago? are you people fucking nuts? baker is the best thing to happen in chicago in a long ass time. it doesn't help that derek lee has been out, dl, for five weeks. prior to lee's untimely vacation, the cubs were 9-5 and are 9-26 since. fire baker? let's just get lee healed and back where he belongs. you all just shut the hell up. and what's up with the yankees almost losing to kansas city? jd, where's the a game, man? notice, though that my main man, my all time favorite clinch pitcher kyle farnsworth saved the game. nicely done. i'd pat that ass in congratulations if offered the chance. yess....

tomorrow, we're going to watch some old fashioned farm ball in a highly commercialized stadium. i am wearing sunscreen because my forehead is peeling off my face and it's pretty freaking gross. it's going to be like 1000 degrees or something like that, so it's a great day for drinking beer and getting sloshed in public. show him some heat. phil hiatt. phil hiatt. i say phil you say hiatt. god, i love baseball. plus, i get to wear my farnsworth jersey, and that's always fun. the day i bought it, the guy was like, what the hell? you actually want a farnsworth jersey? he fucking sucks. aaah well. the heart wants what it wants. ♥ what can i say? actually, the tickets were bought under the idea that mark prior would be working on coming off the dl and making an appearance. not happening, but fun all the same.

there was no new sopranos tonight. i was bummed. next week is the season finale, and then sometime in the most likely not so near future, there will be like six or eight episodes that will tie up all the loose ends. all my shows are ending and then i will be bored. bored, i say. i'm bored right now. this ebay shit is boring. what else can i do? i'm off to find something to do.

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