08 May 2006

It's crunchy bug season.

You know that sound, when you drive along at 65 miles per hour and it sounds like rain but it's really just bugs hitting the windshield? I hate that sound. It means I have to clean the windshield. Or wash the car. Generally I'm lazy enough just to wash the car - just drive it on through the automatic wash at eight bucks a pop. It's no wonder I'm poor.

So this weekend is Mother's Day. I sort of have a gift for my mum but not really. That reminds me, I need to get my other gifts shipped out and/or delivered. I hate contrived holidays like this. I do believe the Hallmark company has something to do with this. It's a nice thought, but I'd like to have it on my own, not as the greeting card companies dictate. Mum wants a $200 hair dryer, I think I've mentioned that before. I don't know how I'll produce an ionic hair dryer, much less the $200 to fund the purchase. I wish my siblings had better jobs.

*******Vacation Update********
Assuming that I don't get released from duty by my employer sometime between now and October, Earache and I are planning a Swiss vacation. Woohoo! Our Switzerland material arrived in the post today and I'm ready to leave for the hills of Heidi. Heck yes I am. I wonder, will my 'puter work over there? I have tons of questions.

I want to see Zurich and Bern and Geneva and the Matterhorn and St. Gallen and Zermatt and eat cheese and ride trains and buy lots and lots of Swatches. That is my ulterior motive for picking Switzerland, I have to admit. But if we'd gone to Australia, we'd have gone sprint car racing I'm sure. So Earache is in full-on 'save' mode, and I think that's neat. Notice I'm not joining him just yet. I don't think I have a saving gene in my body. Although I did sign up for 401k and I was quite proud of myself, damn it. Janet. Heh.

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