21 May 2006

it's the little things

my main purpose at work is the ticket counter. i produce boarding passes and receipts, itineraries and price quotes. when the new schedule goes into effect, i will be the bag bitch, and i will take bag bitches from unhappy passengers. but today, i had a good day. i got to walk a dog. i love dogs. and this wasn't a pedigree dog, or even a puppy, but a dog whose owner got delayed and arrived a few hours in advance. a makeshift leash was produced and i got to take this sweet dog (whose name i later learned was fraggles) on a much needed walk. i felt so appreciated, it was fantastic. just a sweet little dog. fraggles, you made my day.

so i went and saw the da vinci code. it was okay. the most bothersome thing to me was not the controversy brought upon by the catholic church. no. i was most bothered by the size of tom hanks' forehead. have you ever really looked at it? it's enormous. we're talking big mc large huge. ginormous. big. BIG. i want to be catholic. why? i enjoy things that are difficult (barring fucking statistics) and religion doesn't get any more complicated than catholicism. jan at work is catholic. she says becoming a catholic as an adult is harder than becoming a us citizen - or at least along the same lines. tests and homework and all the fun stuff. perhaps i could save money on student loans and quit school and take up catholicism, eh?

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