28 April 2006

So maybe I'm a little slow...

...I just figured out yesterday that my poor fish, Buster, can be fed. That little film-looking canister beside him is actually fish food and if you click and drag, it can be used to feed my poor starving Carassius auratus. No wonder he looks so needy. I'm a terrible fish mom.

I actually used to have a very nice fish tank, in a past life. Several beautiful small fish, a 40-gallon tank, very colorful greenery. I was convinced my fish didn't poo, as it was always very clean. Until I went to move one day, and the tank had to be drained. Underneath all the colored rocks and the tray that allowed air to flow from underneath, was a solid layer of poo. I was very grossed out. From that day forward, I've never been able to keep a fish. They're too deceptive.

So tomorrow was the day that I was supposed to board an airplane for my binge drinking trip to Dallas. In my condition, I don't think it's good PR for the company to non-rev and expose up to 70 people to the mumps. Plus, I'm in no mood for Sue or for Dolly, even for Ruben. I just want to sit home and sulk. I'm doing a good job of it, too. I've watched so much telly in the last couple of days, it's just disgusting. If I don't stop watching daytime soap operas, my head will explode from imbibed drama. It's just too much for me. That and the acting is just awful. Where do they find these people?

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