11 April 2006

Are all old people full of crap?

Does it happen to everyone, that when you reach a certain age, a certain threshold, you suddenly run out of actual things to discuss with others and instead begin discussing random meaningless shit? It's Tuesday, second job day, and I'm sitting in my glass cubicle, surrounded by old men talking nothing but meaningless shit. Is it a form of communication for the older generation? Is there an underlying code that I'm obviously not picking up on? It doesn't sound like they're speaking in tongues, but you can't be too sure.

I once went to a church where they spoke in tongues, that was some scary poo.

I found my all-time favorite South Park on YouTube last night, amid drinking an entire bottle of wine. Cripple Fight. Cracks me up every time. Heh heh heh... My other favorite episode is when they adopt the Ethiopian. "That's my Ethiopian!"

Cripple Fight

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