10 September 2006

what a dork.

i watched dane cook until 0200 this morning. i could watch dane cook everyday, all day, i think. but watching until 0200 was not a good idea, as i overslept really, really bad this morning. now i'm not going to iah at the ass crack of dawn, i'm going later in the day. which is okay, really, because i didn't want to be there so early anyway. but now, i'm ready to go and i don't have to leave for another hour and i can't go back to sleep because i've already been jarred awake, freaking out, because i was late. maybe i'll sleep on the plane. and maybe i won't, but at least i'm getting there today and i'm not in trouble. i don't need trouble, at least not until my freaking nose heals. speaking of, it really hurts this morning. i feel as though i've been violated and really, i'm okay with that. bb can violate my nose anytime he wants. i wondered at first if anna banana was cracked out, but she was right - he's beautiful. oh wait, i can say hot. bob r. is not around.... lol...

okay. so. i made my phone call last night. and i got voicemail. i didn't think i'd get a call back, but i did. infact, i got two of them. he cracks me up. friday. we're going out on friday. and then he called just to say good night. omg, i am such a sucker. but it was nice to hear... i'm still lacking two words, but it was nice to hear. this is so stupid, but fun. anyway, we'll see... :D

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