22 September 2006

i'm still ill

but not in the same way. my stomach is eating itself. i think i have an ulcer. i'm not good with stress. i have a million things to be doing and he wants to argue over the sofa. grrr... we already talked about this. i get the sofa. me. me. me. not him. that's my sofa, it's my dent. he already forfeited the entertainment center and the dining room table (which i didn't really want but don't want to give away) and the new telly and the bar stools (which are going to be too short, i'm sure) and and and.... but now he's laying claim on my sofa and i'm upset. boo.

i think my cold is almost better. ua sherri swears by these cough drop looking things, cold-eeze, and they taste like ass but they really work because i'm feeling way better. they're supposed to taste like strawberries and cream but they don't, because they taste like ass. i'm not really sure what that tastes like - i doubt it's strawberries and cream but this is really bad.

today, i did nothing but eat ice cream mistakes at the ice cream store. that is such a comforting thing. it's warm and comfy and mark's there and that makes me happy. mark is comforting in that he knows what's going on but never discusses it unless i bring it up. instead we can talk about nothing and he can be his weird self and i like that. he is such an incredible person - moving jorge tomorrow and me next weekend, putting up with our constant drama and needs. he never complains, just helps out when he can. and if i do bring something up for discussion with him, he's got an interesting point of view. plus, mom was there today, and i can always count on mom to be on my side even when i'm stupid. i'm a lucky girl.

i have a new layout for my blog. sometimes change is good. i just have to do it in baby steps.

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