15 September 2006

three things not to do on a thursday night:

1) raspberry kamikaze shots. or raspberry kamikazes, for that matter. this makes friday morning really difficult.
2) drink milk from a flashing glass at perkins. especially after raspberry kamikazes.
3) stay at meekin's house. they have the most impossible stairs that i can't seem to walk up or down without injuring myself.
4) allow catherine to set me up with random bartenders. this really shouldn't happen any day of the week, but particularly on thursdays.
5) text message sleeping friends after 0300. that's just rude all around.

okay, so that's not three things. but the important thing is that i've learned my lesson, right? right. but i don't think they'll ever take me back to perkins. hell, perkins may never let me back in.... oh dear. where will i get my pancakes???

want to hear a joke? what did the zero say to the eight?

nice belt.

omg, that cracks me up.

i need a nap. and a shower. and some advil. omg, where's the advil?

ps - tomorrow is leave for new york day... oh, johnny damon, how i love you!

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